A downloadable game

This is an R18 game. All R18 scenes are optional, but included. 
This is also a beta!

Have you been playing cute moeroge games like Nekopara, Wanko to Kurosou, or Nekonin and thought to yourself: "Why are there slaves everyone seems okay with, and where do they come from? How can I get my own?"

Helix Scientific is here to answer your (and my) call for cute cat people. For an exorbitant price you too can have your own Felix™, a lovable (f*ckable) humanoid cat of your very own. Grown from trademarked DNA entirely within their facility, you can rest assured they will come to you ignorant and naive of their place in society. 


Explore the inside of Helix Scientific with Addison, Pumpkin, and other lovable characters in this Work in Progress version of Helix Felix. This beta release covers a very abridged  first arc of the story and gives you a taste of everyone's personality.  You also get to see the main characters unblinking stare. I didn't realize Tyranobuilder doesn't have a auto-blink function.

Look forward to the Ren'py edition!

If you like the game, please consider supporting! I could use help by way of art (specifically GUI or background art), feedback, editing/proofreading, writing, coding, sharing with friends, animation, marketing, or wherever your talent lies! If you want to offer financial support instead, this is a Pay What You Want game. Every little bit helps, thank you!


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So every time i talk to pumpkin at some point in the cov the game just stops add new text and i've tried a few times to get passed it but i can't because their is a mandatory cov in the hallway on the second day

Oh no! I've ported the game to a new engine and am going to release the updated version soon. It means a lot to me that you played and reported this bug! Hopefully it's fixed in this version, I'll try and get into gear and get it out ASAP. I'm hoping another month.

Alright I’ll give it a try when it comes out and I’ll let you know if anything else comes up

I've noticed the game has a habit of freezing randomly where pushing the buttons does nothing and you have to restart the client.

Ah, that's no good! I'm moving it to a new engine so hopefully that will clear up with the next update. Thank you for letting me know!